Aranacak Kelime


Since its establishment, EKOL YAPI has undertaken and successfully completed many superstructures, infrastructures and landscaping works belonging to public and private administrations.


is an integrated solutions provider that creates value along civil and structural contracting business.Founded in 1994 in Istanbul, EKOL YAPI today is a well-respected construction company undertook and completed important projects for public and private sectorin Turkey and abroad successfully.

Several infrastructure contracts were also awarded by Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Public Works, State Hydraulic Works, ISKI, IGDAŞ and TOKI.

EKOL YAPI CONSTRUCTION has started overseas construction and contracting business activities in 2004 with a contract in Saudi Arabia, continues its operations in Turkmenistan, Algeria and Saudi Arabia today.


EKOL YAPI aims to embed the Total Quality Management philosophy in all fields of activity in the long term. In order to establish the Total Quality Management philosophy effectively and ensure its continuity, EKOL YAPI has established the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.

The main purpose of the established system is to ensure that the management conducts all activities in a planned and harmonious manner. In the design of the Quality Management System structure, it is aimed to provide maximum motivation and efficiency. Although the system documentation is outside the requirements of ISO 9001, EKOL YAPI will be created and maintained to cover the important fields of activity.


EKOL YAPI Management will ensure that its products and activities comply with legal regulations, EKOL YAPI principles and customer expectations; undertakes to take and initiate all necessary measures for this. EKOL YAPI establishes and executes the Quality Management System to meet the requirements specified in ISO 9001 in order to constantly follow the quality targets and policies it has set.

EKOL YAPI Administration commits to the Quality Management System, which is defined, implemented and implemented, that it will comply with and allocate the resources necessary for the optimal operation of the system and ensure that it is understood by all employees.